Research Projects

Amyloid β solubility - bottom up & top down

To what extent is Aβ solubility modulated by neurochemical factors. Bottom up approach involves investigating factors such as pH, salt, temperature, co-solvents, lipids and other brain fluid substances. PI: Sara Linse

How does Structure Promote Amyloid Pathogenicity

Structure and effects of co-assemblies - brain derived and seeded with brain material, and seeding capacity. Co-existence of length variants – effect on solubility. PI Emma Sparr

Dynamic NanoImaging of Amyloid Aggregation

Understanding amyloid aggregation dynamics and neurotoxic mechanism at the nanoscale in both AD model systems and human brain. PI Jörg Hanrieder

APP Processing in Familial and Sporadic AD

Relevance for Aβ solubility and cell toxicity. Effect on cell toxicity of seeded material. PI Henrik Zetterberg